About us

Aspekt z.s.
is a non-governmental non-profit organization with 8 employees. It is an association of people interested in human potential and its improvement through further education of people. We help people enhance their skills and qualifications useful in the labor market. We put big emphasis on career counseling. We are providing career counseling on the daily basis and we are sharing our experience from training counselors. We prefer constructivist approach, especially SocioDynamic Counselling. We are active in discussions with institutions which deal with career counseling on national as well as international level. We are an associated member of the Czech National Forum. We cooperate with Euroguidance.

Verein zur Arbeitsplatzförderung
The registered society “Verein zur Arbeitsplatzförderung” (“Reg. society for promotion of job creation”), founded in the year 2000, has its focus on a) supporting underprivileged people of all ages to find workplace and / or further education, b) to support people of all societal groups with transparent information about their skills (soft-skills as well as cognitive skills, and information about further vocationally relevant factors, all based on scientifically proven psychological-diagnostic testing), and c) to provide training in various vocational relevant fields (for example: How to apply for a job or an education; How to improve team-competences; Dealing with occupational stress; etc.).

Spangar Negotiations
founded by Dr Timo Spangar in 2003, is a company established to promote the development of career counselling at national and European level and in accordance with the global career counselling community. The company’s scope in this area has been in developing career guidance methods for the individual as well as group counselling settings, developing career guidance system and management at regional, national and the EU level. The company’s activities in this field are based on Spangar’s research, especially on his active com-production of concepts and methods in collaboration with Vance Peavy between 1991 – 2002 and Dr Norman Amundson. Vance Peavy acted as the examiner of Spangar’s doctoral thesis and Norman Amundson as a pre-examiner. The collaboration with Norman Amundson is still ongoing.

was established in 1954 as the Institute for Rehabilitation of the Disabled. In 1993 it was transformed into the Institute for Public Health, established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. It is the central National Health Institute for comprehensive and interdisciplinary rehabilitation of patients with functional and workplace impairments. It performs the most demanding tasks on the secondary and tertiary levels, in the field of physical medicine, rehabilitation and application of technical devices, as well as in the area of psycho-social rehabilitation and occupational and employment rehabilitation. Other tasks are carrying out research work, the tasks and functions of diagnosis and triage, pedagogical work for high schools, institutions of higher education, faculties and other forms of education and training.

Zdruzenie pre karierove poradenstvo a rozvoj kariery
is a Civic Association, non-profit organisation established in November 2014. The Association is open both to individuals and organisations working in the area of career guidance and/or career development and is a respected partner and roof organization for career guidance for relevant ministries and public administration in the country in all areas and aspects of career guidance, counselling and career development, including provided services, and their professional staff. The ZKPRK has four main objectives: – To associate and network professionals working in the field of career guidance and career development, and support cooperation and exchange of information and good practices nationally and internationally; – To support training and professional development of all working in the field of career guidance and career development; – To raise awareness about career guidance and career development and support improving access to career guidance and career counselling services of all citizens of any age and at any point throughout their lives; – To promote interests of career guidance and career development. The Association is developing its activities mainly in the area of education and training, work, business/human resources, and research focusing on career guidance and counselling and related topics.