The project is aimed to support the competence of educators and counsellors as well as those who are supporting others in sense of guidance.

A career guidance counselor’s (CGC) biggest concern must be that the focus person (fp) should construct a future based on his or her own desires.

The main objective: To create a self-experience training that strengthens the ability of counsellors to deal with demanding, difficult, ambiguous, prejudice-inflicted situations, in order to get more professional, client-oriented, situation-flexible outcomes that raise the chance to empower the clients for reaching their personal aims.

Ask the fp to tell you about an experience that made him happy, which gave him a good feeling. In a few minutes you get to know
•the story, what he likes
•additional information as humor, likes to tell, likes to take a challenge
•information to approach a possible field of work. Not a specific profession, but a framing of opportunities.

The main thing is that you establish a good relationship. Since the fp tells about a good experience, he will get in a good mood. In addition try to use passive and active listening.

Moreover within the project lectures of the training will develop their competences directly and will be later ready to share their knowledge with other lectures who would become lectures of the training as well.